Clément, M.-È., Piché, G., & Villatte, A. (2022). Symptômes dépressifs vécus par les parents dans la population générale: État des travaux québécois et canadiens [Depressive symptoms experienced by parents in the general population: Status of work in Quebec and Canada]. Canadian Journal of Behavioural Science / Revue canadienne des sciences du comportement, 54(2), 107–120.


Depressive symptoms experienced by parents during the perinatal period can have serious consequences on the development of their children. Although this issue is of concern, the studies conducted to date have certain limitations, including the fact that they rarely consider the temporal scope of depressive symptoms beyond the perinatal period and do not take into account the mental health of fathers. The purpose of this article is to report on Canadian work that has documented the extent of depressive symptoms among parents in the general population. It also presents the prevalence of parental depressive symptoms from the results two surveys of representative samples of parents in 2012 (4029 mothers, 1342 fathers) and 2018 (3 984 mothers, 1200 fathers). Predictive relationships between parental depressive symptoms and a number of individual, family, and socioeconomic variables are also documented. The results provide an account of the evolution of depressive symptoms according to parental gender and age of the children, as well as their relationship with substance use problems and the stress of balancing family and work. Other factors also help to understand the contexts in which depressive symptoms are manifested in parents (domestic violence, social support, etc.). The results are discussed in terms of preventive interventions to ensure the well-being of parents and children, in relation to previous Canadian work carried out over the last twenty years. 



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