Piché, G, C Fitzpatrick, L Pagani. (2017). Prospective associations between early child and family characteristics and antibiotic use in fourth grade. International Journal of Child Health and Human Development. 10(2): 183-189.


This study examined the prospective association between child and family characteristics in kindergarten and antibiotic treatments in fourth grade children. Methods: A large sub-sample of participants (N = 951) was selected from the original sample of the Quebec Longitudinal Study of Child Development. The frequency of antibiotic treatments used by their child was reported by parents. Analyses were conducted to estimate the contribution of several child and family characteristics to later antibiotic use. Results: Girls, low birth weight, use of antibiotics in kindergarten, child anxiety and maternal health associated with fourth grade antibiotic treatments. Conclusion: Results of this study show the unique association between early child (e.g., anxiety) and family characteristics and the development of middle childhood infections. It highlights the importance of targeting at-risk sub-groups, like anxietyprone children, to prevent later immunosuppressive risk, which in turn, predicts subsequent infections and antibiotic use.



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