Reedtz, C., K. Van Doesum, G. Signorini, C. Lauritzen, T. Van Amelsvoort, F. van Santvoort, A. H Young, P. Conus, R. Leopold Musil, T. G Schulze, M. Berk, A. Stringaris, G. Piché, G. De Girolamo. (2019). Promotion of well-being for children of parents with mental illness: A model protocol for research and intervention. Frontiers in Psychiatry, section Public Mental Health. 10(Article 60): 1-10.


The main objective of this project is to create a research and intervention model to promote large-scale implementation and evaluations of generic very brief interventions for children of parents with mental disorders (COPMI). Feasible interventions for COPMI aged 0–18 years are highly needed, as this is a large high-risk group in society. Reducing behavioral problems and enhancing wellbeing for families with parents affected by any mental disorder are important preventive initiatives. One key prevention strategy is to reduce the risk and expression of psychopathology in children and to promote wellbeing. The present model protocol offers an intervention for children of parents with mental disorders internationally based on a model already implemented in the Netherlands and Norway.



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