*Lagacé-Leblanc, J., Massé, L. et Rousseau, N. (2022). Perceptions d’efficacité des services de soutien et des mesures d’accommodement des étudiants ayant un TDAH à l’éducation postsecondaire. Revue canadienne de l’éducation, 45(2), 246-279. 


This study aims to document the use of support services and accommodations among students with ADHD in postsecondary education, as well as examine the perceptions of the effectiveness of these resources. Data were collected by conducting in-depth individual interviews with 29 students with ADHD from Quebec colleges (n = 10) and universities (n = 19). The results show that a variety of support services and accommodation are used by participants. Additional time on exams and testing in a separate room are the most used. Perceptions of effectiveness are rather mixed, since several obstacles affect the full effectiveness of some accommodations. The voices of participants inform postsecondary institutions of the issues that must be addressed to maximize the effectiveness of their services and to provide students with an environment that allows them to perform to their potential.



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