Houle, A. A., Bérubé, A., Besnard, T. (2022). Factors That Influence Parent Recruitment Into Prevention Programs in Early Childhood: A Mixed Studies Systematic Review. Children and Youth Services Review, 133, 106367.


The objective of this study is to identify the factors that influence the recruitment of parents of at-risk families into prevention programs targeting behavior problems in early childhood. A mixed studies systematic review was performed and the level of evidence for each influencing factor was determined according to the quality of the studies and to the consistency of the results across research. All evidence from the quantitative-, qualitative-, and mixed-design studies were identified (n = 28) using a convergent qualitative synthesis design. The factors that influence parent recruitment were grouped into five broad dimensions, namely, the child, the parent, parent-practitioner interactions, organizational decisions and actions, and policies, which confirms the ecological vision of recruitment. The review highlights the shared responsibility for the recruitment process, some factors being specific not only to the family, but also to the actors involved in the practice. The study demonstrates that certain influencing factors should be further promoted to increase the chances of reaching at-risk families during the early childhood period.



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