Habib, R., M.-E. Clément, T. Milot, G. Piché, M.-H. Gagné. (2020). Comment favoriser le recrutement des parents dans les programmes d’éducation parentale? Canadian Psychology/Psychologie canadienne, 61(3). 234-244.


Recruitment of parents into a parenting program (PEP) can be a major challenge to practitioners and organizations that offer parenting support services. This article identifies strategies and factors that are likely to promote or hinder the recruitment of parents into PEPs, based on an overview of documentation about parental engagement. The action model of Chen’s program theory (Chen, 2015) was used to organize and present results based on components included in the implementation of programs. It appears that the effectiveness of parent recruitment strategies into PEPs is poorly documented, but different factors can influence the recruitment. In particular, the involvement of practitioners in promoting PEPs and the ecological context of families are factors to consider when recruiting parents. Results also suggest there is little information concerning the role of organizations in recruitment, because none of the listed factors directly concern them. Finally, this scoping review suggests areas to be explored and offers recommendations that could facilitate the recruitment of parents in PEPs by different actors involved in implementing programs. 



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