Montreuil, M., Bogossian, A., Camden, C., Genest, C., Gilbert, E., Piché, G., Rassy, J., Laberge-Perrault, E., Gendron-Cloutier, L., & Barbo, G. (2023). Children and adolescents’ mental health in the context of pandemic and confinement: A scoping review of vulnerability factors and repercussions. Journal of Child Health Care. 


Children and adolescents are a population at particular risk of experiencing adverse mental health repercussions related to pandemics. To understand vulnerability factors and repercussions of pandemics and related sanitary measures on children and adolescents' mental health, we performed a scoping review to examine and synthesize literature. In total, 66 articles were included. Results present: (1) factors that increase vulnerability to adverse mental health repercussions (e.g., having a pre-existing mental health condition, social isolation, low socio-economic status, parental distress, and overexposure to media content) and (2) specific mental health repercussions (e.g., anxiety, fear, depression, and externalizing behaviors). Addressing concerns underlined in this review could contribute to preventing further negative mental health repercussions of pandemics for children and adolescents and better prepare governments and professionals to address these highly challenging situations. Recommendations for practice include enhancing healthcare professionals' awareness about possible detrimental repercussions pandemics and sanitary measures have on children and adolescents' mental health, assessing changes for those with pre-existing mental health conditions, allocating funding for telehealth research, and providing greater support to healthcare providers.



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